CWWPC (Cee’s Photography)

I went for a walk one day in a direction that I don’t normally go.  I wanted to see some different scenery.  As I walked out this way, I was on the other side of the street where there aren’t nearly as many trees or shade.  I was so hot and sweaty, but I had set out to walk at least 2 miles before turning around.  Once, I finally did, I crossed the street to seek refuge in the shade of these trees for my walk back.  Unfortunately the trees didn’t last all the way back, but the bit of shade I did get plus walking through all the beautiful colors, kicking the leaves and listening to them crackle helped me forget how hot I was for a little while.  I love fall, but nowadays it takes way too long for the cool weather to come and stay.  It’s already the middle of November yet it’s still been in the high 70’s –  mid 80’s here.  Global warming at it finest.