I have a lot of catch up to do once again.  I didn’t realize how many days I didn’t blog.  Time to get back on track.

Day 9: What place are you most grateful for?

Right now, I am most grateful for my apartment.  I know it’s tiny, the kitchen has no space with which to really cook, and it always feels cluttered because there isn’t space for everything, but it’s home and there are so many people without homes right now, so I am grateful to have a roof over my head.
Day 10: What taste are you grateful for today?

I made this really yummy seared chicken with garlic rice and squash topped with a nutty honey lime sauce.  It was one of my Blue Apron meals and well worth it.  Since I have been working afternoons and my husband evenings, I have been making lunch our big meal of the day and today’s meal was the perfect boost to get going today.
Day 11: What holiday are you grateful for?

I have always loved Thanksgiving because my birthday falls right before it, but as I have gotten older I have truly come to love the holiday because my family makes a point to not only tell but also show each other how grateful they are for one another.  It’s a wonderful thing to know how much you are appreciated.
Day 12: What texture are you grateful for?

I am grateful for my big fluffy throw blanket that keeps me warm when I just want to curl up on the couch and forget the world outside.  I have had it for years and it probably isn’t as fluffy as it once was, but it’s the best blanket ever.  Sometimes I feel like a little kid who has to have her blanky or else all isn’t right with the world.


Day 13: What abilities are you grateful for?

I am grateful for my ability to cook.  There are so many people nowadays that don’t know how to cook and depend on parents/friends, quick and easy frozen meals or drive thrus.  But there is something about the creation of a meal.  All the chopping, slicing, grinding, zesting, mixing, baking, sautéing, etc. that comes together in the greatest culmination of smells and tastes.  There’s nothing better.
Day 14: What sight are you grateful for today?

The sight of the current Super Moon is amazing.  I wish I had a good camera.  I tried taking a few pics with my phone, but they didn’t do it justice so I just erased them.  I wonder if we will be living on other planets in my lifetime.  I doubt it, but I like to wonder about it.  All the possibilities.  I like to imagine there are infinite universes out there waiting to be explored like on the TV show “Doctor Who”.  I would  say “Yes” to being his companion without much thought though I would want my husband to come along too.  I wouldn’t want to experience all that without him.

And I am caught up again.  Have a great week everyone!!