CWWPC (Cee’s Photography)

I took the featured picture on our road trip last week right before the storm got really bad. Sorry it’s a little blurry, but I was driving. I wanted to get the pretty rainbow before it disappeared.

Despite the crazy rain and flooding, we had a great time in LA. On Friday, we stayed with some friends and played games all night. I was the Disney Scene It Champion, I faired pretty well in Apples to Apples, and after I warmed up, I kicked butt in the old game Dr. Mario. We got to bed a little later than we wanted to since we had the Cookie Con the next day, but it had been awhile since we’d seen our friends in a long time and I was having too much fun.

We got up early to get ready. I watched the news to check on traffic to the Convention Center and saw the aftermath from the crazy storm. We were lucky that we drove down as early as we did because there was a mudslide shortly after I took the above picture on the Tejon Pass that closed the Interstate down. Luckily, there were no hazards between where we were staying and the Convention Center. It was weird to drive out and see that the flood waters for the most part had receded. We were thankful though because it was cookie time. We got there early to check in and get in line. Unfortunately, the cookie con was not organized well, vendors weren’t told that VIP ticket holder got in an hour early, and so the opening of the Cookie Con was delayed. When we were finally let in almost 45 minutes late, many of the vendors were still setting up. We began our rounds of tasting samples, (Cookie Jam – delicious…look for it on shelves soon, Got Milk and bacon donut holes, and cookie shot cups you could fill with different flavored milks)

checking competition pieces (edible art and superhero theme cake),

trying new products (it’s a cookie printer),


look at the pretty products


and watching classes/demonstrations.


There was more, but overall the Cookie Con was underwhelming.  There were a lot more product vendors, many of them not baking related (i.e. the nail polish design ladies or the at least 3 different electronic massage guys all selling the same kind of product in different wrapping and slightly different pricing).  I kind of thought it would be like the scrapbook conventions I’ve been to where each vendor either had something to try or make.  More interactive.  We got through the whole Cookie Con in a few hours.  We stuck around only to see Duff Goldman make cookies and then left.  cef95a1f-0cc4-4073-b8b0-597528d5ed41

We didn’t come back for the second day even though we’d already paid for it.  Not sure I would go again unless they got their S**T together, got more baking vendors, and more interactive things to do.