CBWPC: Letter B (Cee’s Photography)

 This is the last picture I took of Beddy before she passed away just after Christmas.  She was my constant companion for a long time.  I miss her dearly.  She was such a sweetheart and those eyes got me every time.

Last year while we were looking for Halloween costume ideas, we came across the Presidential Nominee masks.  The girls fought over trying on the Bernie Sanders mask because they really liked him and wished he was still in the running.

In my family, we played a lot of games from board games to card games and to this day, we still play whenever we get together.  I am trying to in still that kind of fun into the girls I work with.  I try to play games with them at least once a week.

Books are a huge part of my life.  I feel like they keep me sane.  Whenever life gets too crazy, I know I can escape into a good book and get my mind off of everything.  Reading gives my brain a chance to do some  background processing and I get to come back to reality with a rested brain and new ideas to deal with life’s craziness.

When I was a kid we lived in our car and often our Dad would park us down here at Fort Point at night to sleep. I loved listening to the waves to sleep, but it was really cold. I go down there often to look at the Bridge and remember how far I’ve come. This bird joined me in my reflections the last time I went.
We were starving when we got to LA and the closest sit down restaurant we could find was Bob’s Big Boy. I hadn’t eaten there since I was a kid living with my Grandma in South San Francisco. The burgers were still quite delicious.