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Color Your World – White

CYW (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

I have always thought Iris’ were weird flowers until I got older and really looked at them.  They are quite beautiful whether they are plain white like this one or full of color like many of I have spied recently, but have yet to photograph.  Their petals are so delicate and look almost like the fabric on a long flowing dress.  I am definitely adding these beauties to my list of flowers that I would like to plant once I get my own house with hopefully room for a garden.

Color Your World – Salmon

CYW (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

I was having trouble finding the color Salmon.  I searched through my pictures and found nothing.  I thought about going to the grocery store and taking a picture of salmon in the butcher’s case, but instead as I parked my car to take a letter I had typed up for my Father-in-law to him, I spotted these roses.  The entire front of this house was covered in rose bushes of many different colors, but these were the prettiest for sure.


Color Your World – Wild Watermelon 🍉 

CYW (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

I’m always on the look out for bright colors and interesting things as I drive around town.  I never really realized how many flowers there were in my community until I started taking pictures of them.  Finding them each day is a constant reminder that there is beauty in the world even though sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all the ugliness.  It’s  the little things in life right?


Color Your World – Scarlet

CYW (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

I got out for a walk this morning and saw these Scarlet beauties.  Though having my phone die on me recently was a serious pain in the butt, having to upgrade to a newer and better phone does have it’s benefits.  The one I’m loving the most right now is the camera.  The pictures are so much clearer and brighter.  It has also become a motivation to get out and take more pictures again, motivation I dearly need at the moment.  Here’s to a great week.


Color Your World – Violet (purple)

CYW: Violet (purple) – Jennifer Nichole Wells

I tried to win this guy at the County Fair, but failed.  I did win a little Minion though, so I didn’t come away empty-handed.

Color Your World – Sky Blue

CYW: Sky Blue (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

I love rainy days, but I also love blue skies.  There’s something about the sky blue that just makes me smile just seeing it.

Color Your World – Pine Green

CYW: Pine Green (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

This is one of the trees that provides shade at the track I walk at occasionally.

Color Your World – Mountain Meadow

CYW: Mountain Meadow (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

This is the top of a cannon found in the Presidio in San Francisco.  My sister and I had been to the “Off the Grid” picnic earlier.  On Sundays, food trucks park around a big grassy patch and everyone brings their blankets, lawn games, and what not and it’s a good time.  We were so full from everything we tried, we decided to take a walk around the Presidio and came across this old cannon.

Color Your World – Sea Green

CYW: Sea Green (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

I took this picture at AT&T Park.  These are all the kayakers and boaters hoping to get a home run ball hit over the wall and this is on a light day.  Sometimes watching these guys try not to bump into each other is more exciting than watching the baseball game.  Though I have to admit that I am not a big baseball fan so that probably explains that.

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