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Color Your World – Violet (purple)

CYW: Violet (purple) – Jennifer Nichole Wells

I tried to win this guy at the County Fair, but failed.  I did win a little Minion though, so I didn’t come away empty-handed.

Color Your World – Sky Blue

CYW: Sky Blue (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

I love rainy days, but I also love blue skies.  There’s something about the sky blue that just makes me smile just seeing it.

Color Your World – Pine Green

CYW: Pine Green (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

This is one of the trees that provides shade at the track I walk at occasionally.

Color Your World: Inch Worm

CYW: Inch Worm (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

I found this flower when I was looking for a light yellow.  It looked light yellow as I drove by on the street, but when I stopped and got closer, it turned out to be green.  I took a picture of it anyway in case I could use it later and I’m glad I did since it works perfectly for this color through when I first thought of inch worm as a color I was thinking it was going to be a tannish or grayish color.  Boy was I surprised when I opened the page and saw the actual color.

Color Your World: Canary

CYW: Canary (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

My husband is a huge fan of the Steelers and so when they came to play the 49ers a few years ago, he was so excited to see his team live.  I didn’t go so he could take is Dad, who is a 49er fan, but I did give him our camera.  Usually he does pretty good with the camera, but  I think he was too excited, that unfortunately most of the pictures are blurry, but I have kept them because it’s a day he’ll never forget.  He got this picture of now retired Troy Polamalu.  Despite the blurriness, you can see that fabulous smile.  One of these days I hope to take my husband to Heinz Field so he can see his team on their home turf and to be among his fellow Steelers fans.

Color Your World: Laser Lemon

CYW: Laser Lemon (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

Years ago we visit Universal Studios Orlando and as you all know, walking around all day gets tiring and so you take a break by seeing the shows offered and “Fear Factor Live” was one of them.  They chose people from the audience to complete the tasks in the show.  There was no way I was volunteering after watching the show, but there were a bunch of crazy people willing to go for it as you can see from this picture.  It was entertaining and a great way to get out of the sun and off of our feet.

Color Your World – Unmellow Yellow

CYW: Unmellow Yellow (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

I used to live up in the hills of Los Gatos and every summer the local fire houses would come up and practice fire drills up on our hill.  The first year we saw them come up, I was surprised and thankful.  Surprised because I didn’t know they did that though after thinking about, I was like “Duh” of course they practice fire preparedness.  I felt bad for them though having to work in their full uniforms in the blazing heat.  We get pretty hot summers and up in the hills we were usually 10-15 degrees hotter.  So, as I said, I was also thankful because there are men and women willing to put on the uniform and do the job.

Color Your World – Sunglow

Sunglow (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

I took this picture just before it started raining yesterday.  The sun was trying so hard to break through, but minutes later the clouds pulled together covering the sun and the rain really started coming down.  It’s been a week since we had rain last and I for one am glad to see it back.


Color Your World – Shadow

Shadow (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

I took this picture for my #bookstagram IG account (@redwritinghood707 if your interested) in honor of the Groundhog looking for his shadow today (he did see his shadow in case you’re wondering – 6 more weeks of winter here we come).  For the picture I used my Katniss “Mockingjay” Everdeen Funkopop for the shadow.  I felt she would give off the best shadow because of her wings.

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