Empty Space (The Girl that Dreams Awake)

I took my little charges for a walk this week to get out some energy.  They walked and played games ahead of and around me as I tried to earn my step goal for the day.  Part of my motivations for walking is finding things to photograph.  I try to spot things in the distance that I want to see closer and possibly may want to take a pic.  I found this empty snail shell on the paved part of the path we took.  There were actually quite a few empty shells around.  It made me wonder if they all died or got too big for their shells or some other theory I couldn’t think of.  I am hoping they didn’t die, but who knows.  As we got further on our walk and onto the dirt trail, we began to be surrounded by wild flowers.  Apparently when a long drought comes to an end, it is often marked by an abundance of wild flowers.  I have certainly seen them around in patches for sure.  The following pictures are just a few patches we saw on our walk.