Letters E or F (Cee’s Photography)

kbday2NYC 129
Letter E: The E line of the NYC subway.  I took this picture when I went to visit my sister after 9/11.  I never did get to see the World Trade Center before 9/11 though I have heard from many since about their stories visiting or working in the WTC.  I have a fascination with architecture whether it be old or modern and would have liked to have seen the buildings with mine own eyes.  Now they are just a memory and a reminder of how strong hate can be, but also of how when hate tried to bring us down, we came together, no matter the color of our skin, our faiths, or where we were from and helped each other.  I only wish people could remember that everyday and stop the hate that is building across our country now.
Letter F: F is for flower.  I take a lot of pictures of flowers.  I’m am not good at growing them.  In fact, anything that flowers I tend to kill.  When I went to Green Corn,my tribal naming ceremony, and was bestowed with the name, Aweheyetwas, meaning “she how plants flowers”, I almost laughed, but I hoped it meant that one day, I would obtain a green thumb.  It hasn’t happened yet.  So for now I just take pictures of the beautiful flowers I find and plant them in my memories.