CBWPC: Letters C or D (Cee’s Photography)

Clock – the clock at Sleepy Hollow
Christmas Cupcakes – my husband’s niece makes the best cookies and cupcakes


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Carriage – in the museum at Hearst Castle
Dancers – marrying a Samoan man means there are always dancers at every party in some way shape or form
noahbdaydogs 010
Dog – This is Nugget my first dog.  When he got older, he had trouble going up and down the stairs, so whenever I went down, he’d sit lay down at the top of the stairs and wait for me to come back up.  Nugget really didn’t like men, but the minute he met my husband for the first time he liked him and I finally knew for sure that I had found the right man for me.
noahbdaydogs 015
Dog – This is Max.  He was also my first dog and brother to Nugget.  He was my protector.  He was very loving.  Whenever I would take naps on the couch after work, he’d check on me every now and then putting his face close to mine.  We always said he was checking to make sure we were still breathing.  He also did his little “perimeter checks”, walking all around the house or yard every hour or so.   
Dog – This is Gracie.  She’s my friends dog.  My husband and I moved in with Gracie and our friend when times got tough for a few months and Gracie kept me sane for those months.  She loved to play one minute and cuddle the next.  She really hated it when all of us went to work and the way she would deal with that was to burrow deep under a pile of blankets on the couch and sleep under there for at least the first hour we were gone. 
Dog – This is Django or DJ.  He’s my fur nephew.  I love visiting my sister and her husband.  We always have good times together no matter what, but DJ always makes it even better.  He gets so excited to see me whenever I go and I that just makes my day, but then he also just loves to hang out, get scratches and be in the middle of everything.  He’s starting to get old, but he still acts like the puppy he is.
Dad – This isn’t the greatest picture, but I have very few pictures of my Dad so I cherish it.  He died 27 years ago, but I still miss him everyday.  He was the best Dad ever.