Sunday Trees – 278 (Becca Givens)

Spring is almost here and the CherrY Trees are in full bloom.  Some of them have even fully shredded all their blossoms.  I came across this pretty pink one while I was picking up the kids last week.  And look at those blue skies.  I miss the clouds and the rain.  The temps are already going up around here.  This week we are destined for 80 degree weather.  I wish if it wasn’t going to rain, that it would at least be cool for awhile.  I’m not ready for summer yet.  Well, here’s to another great week.  I have been walking almost everyday though I had to rest a lot this weekend, but I am hoping I can get back to it this week.  I gotta keep moving forward and at least I have gotten to the part where I am starting to enjoy walking again.  WOO-HOO!!!