B&W Sunday: After and Before (Lost in Translation)

   99f3733d-dd07-48e8-a926-530977e88e98 This first picture was taken in Santa Cruz, CA


I took this picture last week while the kids were putting out our Random Acts of Kindness pipe cleaner flowers.


This was the confetti at the end of a long fundraising event.

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I have always loved this windmill in San Francisco, CA.  I used to have to pass it everyday on my way to high school though it wasn’t until this past year that I actually stopped to look at it and really admire it.

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I was waiting for a friend to go painting a few weeks ago and she was running late, so I just took random pictures.  I liked the neon lights.

img_7533  f48ff3c0-c2ae-4d3d-91cd-abd2ddc3d78d-e1488552616825.jpg

My sister took this picture on my 42 birthday.  I hate pictures of myself.  They never really seem to look like me, but this one, I love.  Though I love the B&W version best.