17 for 2017 (nanacathydotcom)

Well, it’s been a month of pursuing the goals I set for myself this year.  It was not easy, but I found that having them in my bullet journal has really helped to keep focused on them.  I wasn’t perfect in completing them, but I do feel accomplished.

  1. Make 4 journal pages a month
    1. Yearly Goal page – this page is for the goals that I want to achieve throughout the year
    2. One of my writing challenges this month was come up with metaphors.  I asked the kids to help me and this is what we came up with.
    3. Monthly Goal Pages – these pages help me keep track of things that I want to achieve monthly plus I get to decorate them with fun stickers.  Though the 3-D stickers may have been a little much for my journal, but I’ll chalk it up to lesson learned.

    4. Miles Walked in 2017 – I am hoping to fill every single one of these squares by the end of the year, though I secretly hope I can fill them all before the end of the year forcing me to make another page.  Cross your fingers for me.
  2. Exercise at the gym 2 times a week – I didn’t make it to the gym this past month. Walking has really taken it out of me, but I did try some pilates at home once a week.
  3. Walk 5 times a week – week 1: 2/5 week 2: 5/5 week 3: 5/5 week 4: 0/5 (road trip recovery) week 5: 2/2 – I am proud of myself for all the walks I got in this month despite the exhaustion after the road trip.  I got back to it this week with the help of my Fitbit friends who keep me going with our weekly challenges.
  4. Make 5 fabric/yarn projects this year – I converted my flip flops earlier this year and on Monday I started my first Loom Knit project.  I decided to go with something simple like a scarf so I can get a feel for the loom.
  5. Write in my journal at least 3 times a week – This one I averaged about 1-2 a week.  I am a little disappointed in myself on this one.
  6. Submit 6 stories to publications throughout the year – did not get to this one this month
  7. Complete 3 5K’s this year – I haven’t done one yet, but I have been looking them up to see which ones to sign up for.  I am thinking my first one may be a virtual one.
  8. Read/Listen to 65 books – I have read 9 books so far this year
    1. A Bone to Pick by Charlaine Harris
    2. Uprooted by Naomi Novik
    3. The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon
    4. Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs
    5. The Obsidian Chamber by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
    6. The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware
    7. The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare
    8. The Fever Code by James Dashner
    9. The Fearsome Foursome (Tales of the Haunted Mansion #1) by Amicus Arcane – I read this one to the kids over their week off
  9. Make 12 Scrapbook Pages


Photo Booth Pictures from my BIL 60th Birthday


10. Take 3 road trips this year – Road trip to LA for the Cookie Con

11. Take 1 vacation this year – not yet, but I’m researching places

12. Find 12 geocaches – all the rain hampered this one a little this month…looking forward to finding some this month

13. Commit 12 Random Acts of Kindness –  Over the break with the kids we did a few

  1. Tape Popcorn to Redbox machines all over town
  2. Make pipe cleaner flowers and hearts and attach them to benches, fences and poles around town
  3. Leave bottles of bubbles at our local parks for the other kids on break from school to play with                                                              

14. Write letters to my senators once a month re: issues that are coming up for a vote or are concerning me – I sent out 2 letters this month and had intended to attend the Feinstein Empty Chair Town Hall meeting, but after a week of 12 hour days with the kids, I was completely exhausted.

15. Work on notes for NaMoWriMo (10 hours a month) – I got in 1 hour  – another disappointing area for me, but one I intend to remedy.  I’m not putting enough time into my writing and so I am going to make adjustments to fix that.

16. Draw paint or color 12 times this year – I actually got 2 postcards colored to send out for birthdays this so far.

17. Buy at least one Christmas present a month – The scarf I am knitting (if it comes out – crossing fingers) will be a Christmas gift.

I hope you all moving forward and meeting your goals.  WE CAN DO IT!!!