OWPC: Escape (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

My greatest escape would be to travel all over the world, but since I am terrible at planning for the future, most of the time I escape by sitting down with a good book and letting my mind get lost in someone else’s life, someone else’s town, someone else’s country or one of my true favorites, someone else’s world somewhere out there in the universe. Reading is a wonderful escape. I look forward to it everyday. It’s the last thing I do each day before I go to bed. I love that it can make me stop thinking about the weight of the world, stop the racing thoughts, and relax me enough to sleep. Sometimes it has the opposite affect when the story gets really good and I can’t sleep until I see how it ends, but those hours of lost sleep are almost always worth it. I do generally love mysteries and psychological thrillers best, but I’m really not picky. I like to read many different genres, different age groups, and it doesn’t matter if it’s fiction or non fiction, if it sounds interesting, I’m willing to give it a try. When I start something, I like to finish it, but I have learned to not waste my time on books that really aren’t catching my interest and are more of a chore to read than anything. It kills me to abandon a book, but it’s better than not reading at all because I can’t stand the book I’m trying to get through. Since I started keeping track of the books I abandon (I put them under the “book graveyard” heading in goodreads), I haven’t been able to finish 4 books. Not bad, right? Books have been my escape for a long time and I am thankful for them everyday.