Sunday Trees – 276 (Becca Givens) 

The kids were out of school this week, so we set out to do some Random Acts of Kindness.

The first day we put bags of microwavable popcorn on Redbox machines all around our neighborhood.  The girls had fun jumping out at each spot and made a game out of trying not to be seen as they put them on the machine.

The next day we made pipe cleaner hearts and flowers, decorated bottles of bubbles, and put them out at all the parks around us.  They finally got to see someone take something they did as a Random Act of Kindness and were so excited that we are already thinking about what to do over Spring Break. 

I took this week’s Sunday Trees picture at the last park we visited.  The way the sun was shining through the trees caught my attention.  We’ve gotten a break from the rain this week and though it is nice to know we are getting out of the drought, it was also nice to see the blue skies again.