OWPC: Elephant (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

This word came up at the exact right time.  I have been painting this elephant for the past few weeks as a gift for my sister-in-law who loves elephants.  When I decided to paint it, I didn’t think it was going to take that long, but there were so many squares/rectangles and I was trying to paint each one different with a palette of colors I chose.  Luckily, Petroglyphs allows you to do a “work in progress” where you can bring in your piece several times and keep painting until you get it the way you want it with a one time sitting fee.  I wanted to make sure that each color got enough coats because I wanted it to be vibrant when complete.  I originally chose 5 colors, but after really getting a few on there, I decided I needed a few more to keep it the colors away from each other.

My girlfriends and I celebrated Galentine’s last night at Petroglyphs since all of our Valentine’s were working.  I brought along my elephant and wanted to finally finish it.  I got all the spaces filled and did a few extra coats here and there and fixed a few mistakes.  There are some parts that I probably could have added more coats to, but I started getting hungry and I was just done.  I reluctantly turned it in to be fired.  It was weird to leave without it after keeping it for so long.  Now I just have to hope that all my hard work over the last few weeks pays off when it comes out of the kiln.  Cross your fingers for me.