OAWPC: Artificial (Wild Daffodil)

A few years ago my husband and I went to Universal Studios in Orlando to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  We are big Harry Potter fans.  We listened to the books together as we took road trips around California and Oregon, so as soon as the Wizarding World opened up, we dreamt of going and finally made it across the country.  Hogwarts was amazing, but we didn’t forget about the rest of the park.

Another love of mine is scary movies.  My Dad was a huge fan and made going to see scary movies fun rather than scary.  Not to say that I didn’t get scared, I surely did, but I learned to laugh at myself whenever I got taken in and to find the funny parts to keep the balance.  This crazy head is from the movie “The Thing” a movie that can still scare me to this day.  The silence in this movie is so well played and the mystery was definitely suspenseful.  I didn’t figure it out and I loved that.  The first time I saw “The Thing”, I was 9 and when that crazy head came out I was terrified, but intrigued.  The special effects were amazing for the time this movie was made.  It was cool to see this weird artificial head at the park and to see the old pictures of Kurt Russell and the rest of the cast as they made the movie.  The only thing I wished was that my Dad had been there to see it too.  I don’t know how many afternoons we wasted playing Kismet and watching this movie together.  We also loved to watch, “Alien” and “Jaws”.  The scary movies of today aren’t nearly as scary as those movies of old.  Now it just seems that they go for the gruesome instead of the scary.  I like a movie with suspense, a few good scares, lots of laughs, and a good ending.