Color Your World: Dandelion (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

I got these little lenses to use with my phone last Christmas, but I always forget to pull them out especially the macro lens. I was early to school pick-ups yesterday and so I took the time to attach the macro lens and see what I could see. I think some of the other parents around me were wondering what I was doing. One of them came over and even asked. When I showed them my pictures, they loved the pic and wanted to know where I found the lenses (I saw them at Barnes & Noble in a kit that comes with 3 lenses: fisheye, wide, and macro, an external flash, a selfie stick, and a tripod.) Apparently now they come with a telephoto lens too. I guess I’m gonna have to upgrade my kit. I am addicted now. I took my macro lens with me on my walk this morning and had more fun with it. And speaking of the telephoto lens, I wish I had had it as I tried to take a pic of this tiny hummingbird up high in a tree just singing away this morning.  I was hoping to catch a bird flying for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge this week, but it seemed all the birds were content just hanging out in the trees madly tweeting.  I guess I will have to try again later.