Photo Fiction #74 (Random_Michelle) – Write a short story in 300 words or less

The monk had been a baby when he’d come to the temple.  He’d never met his parents and never would.  He’d been told they had died in an accident leaving him orphaned.  When the boy had turned twelve, he’d decided to try and get to the village down the mountain to see if anyone had known his parents.  He just wanted to hear stories about them.  Unfortunately, he never made it to the village.  As he slowly and carefully trekked down the mountain, he’d heard the cry of an animal.  It sounded hurt.  The boy knew that wounded animals could be even more dangerous yet he still went into the direction of the cry.  He finally spotted it as he pushed through a thick set of bushes.  Upon seeing that it was a tiger, the boy almost turned and ran, but he realized the tiger wasn’t fully grown yet.  The tiger turned it’s head toward him and just cried before laying back down.  The boy stepped toward it slowly to see if the tiger would try swipe or bite at him.  The tiger just watched him.  The boy touched the tiger’s head, first petting him and then scratching the tiger’s ears and while he did this, he inspected the tiger looking for where it was hurt.  The tiger had scratches and wounds all over and one of it’s legs seemed to be strained or broken.  The boy lovingly had taken care of the tiger for weeks, cleaning and tending the wounds and feeding the tiger.  The tiger often nuzzled the boy seeking scratches.  They were becoming friends.  When the tiger was healed, the boy didn’t want to see the tiger go.  Everyday year after year, the boy, now a monk, ate his lunch out on the hillside and sometimes the tiger would find him there.