Sunday Trees – 273 (Becca Givens)

It was a long and rainy Sunday.  I have been so tired this week.  It’s been a real struggle.  It’s been awhile since the fatigue has been this bad, but I tried not to let it control everything.  As this weekend comes to a close, I can say that, despite feeling overly exhausted, I had a really great time.  I finished the scrapbook for the the Photo Booth photos at my brother-in-law’s 60 birthday party.  I attended the party and tried not to just  sit even though that’s all I wanted to do.  I kept giving myself goals like taking photo booth photos or talking to people around the room so that I had something to concentrate on instead of the fatigue.  I made it through the night and into the comfort of my wonderful bed and weighted blanket.  This morning, we got up early and had breakfast with my sister-in-law before she headed back home to Vegas.  Then we went to the movies.  We decided to go with another “older” movie as we continue to catch up on movies we missed during the months of December and January.  We chose “Hidden Figures”.  What a great film.  It was not only interesting to see these 3 women fight within their departments to be considered equal not only because of their color, but also because they were women.  I also found it interesting to see what it was like during the space race.  How hard they worked not only on building the crafts and training the astronauts, but all the jobs the people on the ground had to do to ensure the safety of the people we send into space.  I don’t know how many movies I’ve seen where you see the control center filled with men sitting and staring at screens giving the “go/no go” signal, but we’ve never really seen what each of those people were responsible for and the pressure each of them was under for their part with all the constant changes from day-to-day, etc.  They make it look so easy all the time (unless you’re the one guy with the calculations to save the Earth), that I think I have come to take for granted how hard it is to launch things/people into space.  They all amazed me and I am happy that the women behind the scenes are finally being acknowledged and given their due.  I loved the real pictures they shared at the end of the women.  I hope that more stories like this one come to light.  It is sad how tainted our history is because of “Hidden Figures” like these women.   I wish there had been more movies like this when I was growing up showing what smart women can do.  If you haven’t seen it, it is definitely worth seeing.