Banana Mania (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

I searched and searched for this color not finding it anywhere.  I went to pick up my little charges after school.  I usually just get in the line of cars that goes through the round about to  pick them up, but the line was too long and not moving.  I sat through two lights just waiting to move and then decided I would just go park and get them.  I got to our usual meeting spot and they weren’t there yet, so I just stood and looked around for anything that might fulfill any of the photo challenges I have in mind.  Nothing was popping out at me.  One of the kids came out and I was trying to get her attention.  She was looking for my car and not me and walked right past me.  I walked over to get her and noticed that the rose bush right next to where she was standing had this one flower on it.  So having to park worked out for me in the end.