If you’ve been following along with me, you will know that my year has started out a bit rocky.  Wisdom teeth and the terrible awful flu have caused havoc these last few weeks, but now that it feels like I am getting back on my feet health wise, it is time to make some goals for this year and work towards them.

I was inspired by the blog Wild Daffodil to do “17 for 2017”, but unlike her goals that use the numbers as part of her goal, I just did 17 goals because I found that I couldn’t fit what I wanted to achieve in the same way. So here goes:

  1. Make 4 journal pages a month
  2. Exercise at the gym 2x a week
  3. Walk 5x a week
  4. Make (at least) 5 fabric/yarn projects this year
  5. Write in my journal 3 times a week
  6. Submit 6 stories to different publications through the year
  7. Complete 3 5K’s  this year
  8. Read/listen to 65 books (I did 72 last year, but I figured with all my craftiness and writing going on, I may not read as much)
  9. Make 12 Scrapbook pages
  10. Take 3 road trips this year (my husband and I used to go all the time…we need to start again)
  11. Take 1 vacation this year (it’s been nearly 5 years since I’ve taken a proper vacation…it’s time to change that)
  12. Find 12 geocaches this year
  13. Commit 12 Random Acts of Kindness this year
  14. Write my representatives once a month re: current issues coming for a vote or that are concerning me (I figured I gotta start complaining to the right people especially in the times we find ourselves in)
  15. Work (at least) 10 hours a month preparing for NaMo WriMo – I hope this will be my first year participating
  16. Draw/Paint/Color 12 times this year
  17. Buy (at least) one Christmas present a month (trying to avoid draining my bank account in December every year)

I have broken them down by goals I want to achieve weekly/ monthly and by the end of the year.  I added pie charts to my bullet journal that I can color and keep track of (as you’ll see in the featured photo for this blog).  I will be updating my progress each month at the end of the month to help keep my focus on my goals.  I hope to achieve them all, but I’ll be happy if I just stay focused as that seems to be one of my bigger problems. Below are some of the journal pages I created this month to also help me keep track of some of the things in my life.  The first is my “Books Read in 2017” page to write in each book as I complete it.  My “2017 Year in Pixels” is to keep track of my moods throughout the year.  The “Movie Night” page is the place I will glue in all my movie tickets for the year.  As you can see, my husband and I finally got out to see our first movie of the year today.

The next one was just for fun.  I originally just wanted to make a collage of the Christmas Wrapping paper I used so I can see the different choices I make each year, but then I turned into what you see here.  There were 4 different rolls; one with the animals, one with the trees, one with the chevron design, and one that just Merry Christmas over and over.img_2392

Here’s to 2017…may we all keep moving forward – remembering the past, living in the present, and looking ahead to the future