Outer Space (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

For Christmas, my friend bought me a bunch of pairs of flip flops.  I had complained to her about not being able to find any as all the Winter fashions were hitting the stores.  I wear flip flops year round.  Living in California makes that possible.  So my friend went online and ordered me some for Christmas.  The only problem was they have the uncomfortable plastic strap.  I took to Pinterest and found a way to transform my flips flops to something a little more comfortable.  On the left is the fabric replacement and on the right the uncomfortable plastic strap.  It’s amazing what a difference changing the strap does.  The only thing that sucks is that ever since I finished them, it has been raining like crazy.  And not just rain, freezing rain, so wearing flips flops has been out of the question.  I love the rain and I am glad our reservoirs I finally filling up getting us out of this drought, but I want to wear my new creations.  I can be patient though.  We need the rain more.  Plus I have 3 more pairs to transform.  Can’t wait to see how they turn out.