For weeks I’ve felt like someone was watching me.  I’d be at the grocery store or stuck in traffic and I would get that tickly feeling on the back of my neck.  I would study the people around me trying to figure out which one of them triggered that sixth sense, but finding no one suspicious or familiar.  I figured I was just stressed, but the feeling wouldn’t stop.  As a matter of fact, it got worse. It was driving me crazy.  My BFF took me out to a club to let off some steam.  We did a few shots and danced like crazy.  I got really hot and stepped outside to cool off and smoke a cigarette.  As I searched my purse for a lighter, a man stepped from the shadows with a lit lighter in hand.

“Oh, thank you,” I said as I stepped forward and lit my cigarette.  I looked up into the man’s eyes and the feeling hit me hard.  I took a step back and ran into a wall.  “Who are you?”

“I’ve been watching you since your Boss’ funeral.”  As he said this, I did recognize him. He continued, “Betsy asked me to give you a letter, but she wanted me to make sure of your character first.  My team and I have been checking you out and found no red flags, so I am free to give you the letter.  She thought very highly of you.” I took the letter and as I read it, I was surprised to find out she had left me her business. Wow! I couldn’t believe it.  It was totally unexpected.  “Is this for real?”

“Yes, come see me Monday and I’ll explain it all,” he said handing me his business card.

My girlfriend came out to check on me and I ran to tell her the news.

Photo Fiction #70 – Random Michelle – What the hell is real?