Sunday Trees (Becca Givens)

I took this one on one of the last blue sky days last week.  Since then it has been rainy and grey and oddly humid.  I love the rain.  It’s so good to hear it, feel it, and have it go on for days.  Next week, there are supposed to be four days in a row of rain.  You never know how much a drought is going to affect your mood until you find yourself in the middle of one that has gone on for years particularly when you are someone like me who favors Fall and Winter over Spring and Summer.  Yesterday, after helping to run the kids activities at a Christmas Party, I walked out into a real down pour and I found myself just wanting to stand there like Andy Dufresne when he finally emerged from the sewers of Shawshank.  The cool rain drops on my skin, the fresh air pulled into my lungs, the sounds of thousands upon thousands of rain drops hitting the pavement and puddles all around me.  It was beautiful and I apparently wasn’t the only one feeling it as one of the party goers  saw me standing there looking at the sky and came out to join me.  “It’s wonderful isn’t it?”  I just nodded and we stood together silently getting soaked with smiles on our faces.  Luckily my husband was home and met me at the door with towels when I arrived, but it was worth it to just stand and feel the rain again.  It will be one of those memories that will be there for me when the sweltering heat returns.