I love trying new recipes all the time and with the creation of Pinterest the ease of finding new recipes has become way too easy and all the tantalizing pictures…oh my goodness!  I now look forward to family parties, potluck get togethers, and the day at home with nothing to do so I can scan my Pinterest boards for the perfect thing to try.  This past Thanksgiving I decided to try Peekaboo Pumpkin Pound Cake.  I bought all the things I needed except the pumpkin cookie cutter because I thought I had one.  Once I figured out that I didn’t have one, I was too tired to go back out and get one so I went with the only other Fall shape I had, a leaf.  This recipe seemed so easy just reading it, but executing it was much hard than I thought.  I baked the pumpkin breads. Boom step one done.  I cooled them in the fridge.  Woohoo!  Step 2 down.  Then comes the part where you must Mind the Gap.  First the leaf shape I picked just barely fit the pumpkin bread slices and all the orange food coloring (over half a bottle) barely seemed to change the color at all.  I should have gone with a smaller shape.  Then because I picked such a curvy shape, I had trouble getting the pound cake batter into all the crevices no matter how hard I shook and pounded the pan to get it down in there. After the pound cakes were done and out of the pan, I ended up cutting off the end pieces because the pound cake hadn’t gotten in there right.  I mixed up the Brown Butter Pecan Icing.  Now the icing made trying this recipe so worth all the trouble I caused myself.  Seriously, I could have eaten the whole bowl.  I spread it on the pound cake and sprinkled on the pecans.  Then still rejoicing in the high of making the perfect most delicious icing, I started slicing the cake to see the Peekaboo Leaf.  I made the mistake of using a serrated knife and the slices came out all crumbly distorting the leaf image.  It finally occurred to me to change knives (I was a little frustrated by this point) and it was amazing the difference a knife made.  Since all of my slices weren’t pretty, I almost didn’t take them to Thanksgiving dinner, but that icing was so good I wanted everyone to try it.  The pound cake was a hit and I have to say it was because of the icing.  I think I might try it again for Christmas minus all my previous mistakes.  I really want more of that icing.