CWWPC (Cee’s Photography)

I take pictures with my Funko Pops whenever I can and post them to my instagram account (@redwritinghood707 if you’d like to check it out).  I also take pictures of the books I am currently reading or would like to read.  Last weekend in Half Moon Bay, my sister and I went to see the giant waves crashing on the rocks.  It was raining like crazy, but it was so beautiful.  Plus there’s just something about seeing mother nature do her thing.  In this picture is one of my favorite Funko Pops,  the 10th Doctor from Doctor Who. Getting him out there on the log was a bit of a challenge because waves were coming at us from the side, plus the sand was so wet we kept sinking, but my sister was a rock star and got him out there and even got him to stand.  The wind kept knocking him down.  Oh the things I do to take my pics sometimes.  I’m sure you all have been there right?!?  What was even more amazing were the people out on there surf boards.  We watched them through the window while we ate lunch at Sam’s Chowder House.  The rain had calmed a bit after lunch so we took some pictures.  My sister got this great pic of the wind pulling the surfer above the water.