Day 8: What book are you most grateful for?

I was good at reading in school.  I excelled in every grade, but I was never what you would call a “reader” because I often got tired or headaches when I read.  It turned out that I needed glasses.  After I finally got a good pair of glasses that I didn’t mind wearing (I had picked a pair of hideous pink ones, but had second thoughts about them when we picked them up and found myself stuck with them), I tried finding what genre interested me most.  I don’t know how many books I started and put down out of disinterest.  When my sister and I moved back to the US, the room we took over used to be my Dad’s office.  All of his stuff was moved out except his book shelves.  Whenever I lay in my bed, I would often just stare at his books and wonder what they were about, but never felt like I could touch them because they weren’t mine.  There were lots of Harlen Ellison, Ray Bradbury, Tom Clancy, and of course, Stephen King.  I really wanted to read the Stephen King books, but not being a reader, the thickness of “It” was a little intimidating though that was the one that I really wanted to know about because I had heard it was terrifying.   I kept staring at it and imagining what was written on it’s pages.  Finally when my Dad took us to the bookstore to pick some books of our own, I read all the backs of the Stephen King books and picked The Dead Zone.  Unfortunately it took me years to get through it.  I kept picking it up and putting it down.  Life was stressful with my Dad being sick, being in charge of my little sister, cooking and cleaning, homework, swim team, etc.  Reading for pleasure just wasn’t a priority.  After my Dad died, my priorities changed.  I had a hard time sleeping and turned to reading to fill the time.  The Dead Zone was the first book I picked up and finally finished.  It pulled me into the world of reading and made me a huge fan of Stephen King.  Reading has kept me sane ever since.