Which Way (Cee’s Photography)

My husband and I took a walk through the Redwoods near Santa Cruz, CA last year.  It was so beautiful to be back amongst the trees I came to love while going to college up in Humboldt County.  It’s amazing how tall these great big trees can get.  I always think of my husband as being a giant at 6’3″ to my 5’1″, but as you can see he has nothing on these trees. We really need to go back to the forest.  Though that trail was tough with all it’s steep ups and downs, but it was worth it because I got 30 floors on my Fitbit that day, the most I have gotten in a single day so far.  It is one of the achievements I am trying to hang on to as I try to get back to that level of fitness again. Which reminds me, I am supposed to be finding a trail for us to walk today, so I better get to it 🙂