The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Transmogrify

I seem to be going back to my pictures of NYC a lot lately, but when this week’s theme came up, this is the picture that immediately popped in my head.  After 9/11, I flew to NYC to see that my sister was really okay with my own eyes.  My sister had moved to NYC one month before the attack.  It was the first time we had ever lived in different states from each other.  It was weird to not have her so close.  We had spent so much of our lives together, depending on each other because of our parents divorce and international custody.  We had started trying to be a little more independent of each other when we ended up in two different high schools.  It was good for us to make our own friends, find our own likes and dislikes, to have experiences all our own.  It made going away to college easier.  We still visited each other a lot.  After college, we probably saw each other at least every other weekend.  Then she moved to NYC.  It was hard, but exciting because NYC was always a city we wanted to visit.  I had planned to visit her there and finally see the city we had talked about numerous times.  9/11 accelerated my plans.  Once I arrived and was satisfied that she was indeed ok, she took me around the city to all the little places she had discovered.  She lived in SOHO.  There was so much to see in just her neighborhood alone.  So many sights, sounds, and smells.  I felt like I was in the middle of a movie set.  It was so surreal.  This Walk/Don’t Walk sign wasn’t far from her apartment.  We passed it often and every time we saw it, it made me smile, so I eventually took a picture of it to remember those little smiles in a time where our world seemed so unpredictable and crazy.

When Prince died earlier this year, my sister came across the photo below on Instagram and sent it to me.  Again I smiled.  I wonder if it was the same artist who did both.