Costume (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

At my husband’s previous job, they had a costume contest every year and the winner would get a paid day off to choose whenever they want throughout the year.  My husband worked there almost 10 years and every year we tried our hardest to get the win.  We were successful four of those years.  The featured image is from the year we dressed him up as a zombie.  I had finally gotten him to watch The Walking Dead with me and we thought we could do something simple.  I can’t find the pictures from the other years unfortunately as there were some good ones like Death, a Vampire, Mr. Potato Head, and the Big Bad Wolf to name a few.  I miss getting up early and doing his make-up and helping him get ready.  At his new job he has to be in uniform, so no costumes for him.  This will be my first year not wearing a costume since I no longer work in a school.  It already feels weird.  I’m gonna miss seeing the kids all dressed up in their costumes.  I was always curious what costumes they were going to choose.  Would they go with what was popular at the moment like the year we had 3 Rapunzels after the release of Tangled or will they be something they love like a Monkey or something time tested like Batman.  I guess I will just have to hope that I get some trick-or-treaters tonight.  We never get any at my apartment, but that doesn’t mean I can’t hope right?!?