Gate (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

I just finished this embroidery project this past weekend.  It’s the Gates of Moria from The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien.  I have a friend who is a huge fan of both the books and movies, so I made her this tea towel as part of her birthday gift.  Gotta love Etsy.  I can find just about any pattern I want on there.  This one took me awhile to do though.  I kept having to move the ring around to make it feel comfortable to sew.  Soccer practice with my little charges has become my sewing time.  I went to Beverly’s today to get my next project.  I am going to hopefully do some more tea towels to go with the chips and dip bowl I painted at the pottery place last week.  My only problem is I wanted to do black tea towels, but I couldn’t find a white pencil to do the iron-on transfer.  I could only find the usual red pencil.  I guess I will have to push extra hard and hope I can see it when I iron it on.  I bought a white marking pencil in case I can see the transfer enough to trace it with the white.  I think I am making this way too hard, but hopefully it will work out because I have to get both the towels I want to do done by Sunday.  Which means I better stop typing and start tracing.  There’s a Stephen King movie marathon on AMC tonight.  I’m hoping it will keep me company while I get started.   Have a great evening everyone!