JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Blood (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

I forgot to post this one for yesterday.  Blood is an interesting thing.  We all have it yet we all react to the site of it in different ways.  I have a few friends who don’t do well at the site of blood in big or small amounts.  I have never really had trouble dealing with blood or injuries.  I was always that one person first to grab the first aid kit, start applying pressure when needed, and cleaning and bandaging.  I started taking first aid and CPR courses in high school and have kept it up to this day.  Some of the videos they show are like a really bad B-movies.  Good thing I am a fan of B-movies.  I always have been.  My Dad loved them and he’s the one who made it fun to go see scary movies.  He’s also the one who first introduced me to Stephen King.  Yes, Mr. King again, but I only bring him up because of the book that I am currently reading, “Mr. Mercedes” as shown in the featured image.  I thought it fit this theme nicely with all the dripping blood on the cover.  The book is pretty good too.  I’m just getting to the hopefully exciting conclusion.  Also shown in the picture is my Shaun mystery mini FunkoPop.  I collect FunkoPops, but I only get the ones that mean something to me.  Shaun is from the movie, Shaun of the Dead, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.  It is a hilarious zombie movie.  My husband and I watched it together the year we were married and loved it.  We continued to watch what has now become the Cornetto Trilogy which includes Hot Fuzz, our favorite of the 3, and The World’s End.

The other bloody FunkoPop in my collection is Michonne, from The Walking Dead.  She is my favorite character on the show besides Daryl.  I love her strength and the fact that she lasted so long on her own post zombie apocalypse.   I don’t think I would’ve last so long myself.  I’m slow for one, but I think I would’ve broken mentally eventually if I had lost everyone I loved so quickly and so crazily like she did.  I think that’s part of the reason I like the show.  It makes me wonder what I would do and what it would really be like to all of sudden be in a time of no electricity, no running water, no grocery stores, few cars, and in constant fear of not only zombies, but also the far scarier humans.  Would I be able to kill another human or zombie if it came down to it?  There is always that age old question, “Fight or Flight?” or the more blatant question, “Kill or be killed?”  What do you think?  Could you do it?  Would you survive in a world like that posed in The Walking Dead?img_1425