JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Fall/Autumn (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

As I was sitting and waiting in the shade for one of the kids to get out of school, I rolled down the windows to get some fresh air and noticed the beautiful Fall sight above and across from me.  Living in the city, I don’t always get to see a lot of nature, but I am thankful for the bits and pieces I do find.  Most of the time I am rushing here and rushing there and don’t notice anything but the cars in front of me.  I never really realized how many parks there were in my city until I started Geocaching.  Many people hide their caches in parks or along trails.  Searching for caches has not only challenged my sense of direction and patience, but it has also led me to so many new parts of town that I never knew existed filled with trees and other great escapes from the concrete jungle.   The kids don’t have school this Friday, so they have asked if we can find a cache that we have to hike to.  I can’t wait to see where we end up.