In the darkness is a surprise,

Something you can’t see with your eyes,

My spine tingles and my mouth dries,

A scream becomes silent cries,

In the darkness are the eyes,

Unseen little spies,

A stomach full of butterflies,

My chest tightens, my lungs compromised,

I cannot breathe and my heart beats rise,

I believe this will be my demise,

For in the darkness is where the fear lies.

I want to run, but I’m paralyzed,

I cannot let it terrorize,

I stand in the darkness and surmise,

That I must do as you advise,

Face my fear and vocalize,

And soon I will realize,

That I have been traumatized.

I must face my fear and analyze,

For my mind I do not want to jeopardize,

My thoughts I sort and summarize,

Until a solution begins to crystalize,

In the darkness is where the fear lies,

But I’m determined to make it to sunrise.