Sunday Trees – 256 (Becca Givens – On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea)

This past week was a tough one.  I was more tired than usual, having to really up the coffee intake and look for things to keep me and my mind busy, especially at work.  I was sitting at soccer practice watching my little charge run, kick, and save the ball, but I was, as I said very tired.  So I started scanning my surroundings for photos I could take.  Nothing was catching my eye until I looked directly above me.  All the intersecting branches big and small.  My mind wondered off into a daydream of a whole little world that could come to life in the tree.  A soccer ball to the shin brought me back to reality, but that brief little glimpse was enough to make me want to take a picture of the tree so maybe I could revisit my thoughts and make them into a short story later.