© Photo by Jennifer Peters

One Word Photo Challenge: Crane (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

In 2001, my older sister moved to NYC and I went to visit her a couple of times.  One of my visits was in late October and so my sister thought it would be fun to do something Halloween related.  Her search for something halloweeny to do came up with Tarrytown, where we could visit the home of Washington Irving, the man who wrote Sleepy Hollow.  So we boarded a train and headed out there.  After seeing the house, we walked around town taking pictures and ended up in the cemetery.  It was a very interesting cemetery.  All the cemeteries I’ve been to in California aren’t nearly as old as this one was.  There were so many interesting headstones and statues.  I took a picture of this one because it made me think of the Sleepy Hollow story and it’s main character Ichabod Crane.