Week 8 – Pink (The Girl That Dreams Awake)

img_4431I am not a girl who likes pink very much so as I searched my pictures for something pink and figured I would find a pink flower or something, but then I came across the day I stood in line for the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck.  There is nothing more Pink than Hello Kitty.  My sister’s birthday was coming up and I thought I would get her something from the truck.  When we were kids, we loved going to the Hello Kitty store.  My Mom would get us a mystery bag of our choice.  We loved it.  My favorite character was My Melody.  I still go to the Sanrio store every now and then just to look around and smell all the sweet smells.  So when I read the truck was coming to my city on it’s tour across the US in honor of Hello Kitty’s 40th birthday, I knew something from the truck would make a great gift.  Plus I just really wanted to see it.  My husband and I set off early to Santana Row, but found a large line already wrapping around one corner img_4428when we arrived.  My husband stood in line while I went to go scout out the truck and see what it had to offer.  As I walked over there, I observed all the people in line.  There were so many cute little kids and adults alike wearing Hello Kitty shirts, dresses, bows, earrings, and hats.  The truck was closed like you see in the featured image when I reached the front of the line, but there was a little menu stand telling you what was going to be offered and how much.  I took a few pictures and headed back to my husband.  We ended up waiting in line almost 2 hours.  While waiting, we made a few friends and got a Hello Kitty sticker from a Hello Kitty team member who was going down the line talking to people.  I also took pictures of img_4437flowers and trees a long the way.  I wasn’t sure what to get, but after the long wait and seeing what everything looked like as people walked away with their goods, I finally decided we would get the Hello Kitty Donuts for my husband and I, the petit 4 cakes for my sister, and a img_4441bow water bottle for our little niece.  It was a long crazy morning and I was surprised my husband stood there with me the whole time, but the experience was fun.  I was glad that I saw that it was coming to our city because I had planned to go to one of the fairs the truck was traveling to, but I had read that people had to wait almost double the amount of time at those.  Two hours was long enough.  I didn’t think Hello Kitty was that popular anymore, but I guess I was wrong and it made me happy that there were other little kids out there that would have the same happy memories with Hello Kitty in them like my sister and I did.