One Word Photo Challenge: Cow (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

I took this in the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve near Pawhuska, OK.  My sister and I had to go out to Oklahoma last year for our Grandma’s funeral.  It was a tough week of traveling, making funeral arrangements, writing obituaries, searching her house for the clothing she wanted to wear, etc.  We tried to do something each day to ease the stress and the overwhelming sadness.  We decided to drive into the Preserve on the last day we had in Pawhuska.  I will never forget the experience of the peace I felt the further we got.  It was so hot, but there was a breeze that made the tall grass sway.  We just drove and drove stopping to take pictures every now and then.  We searched for the elusive bison.  Most of the Bison we saw were far off into the distance, but we found three not too far off the road.  I hiked into the tall grass a little to try and get a better picture, but they heard me and ran off before I could get a good pic.  We found these cows on our way out of the Preserve.  There were just a few by the fence at first, but when I got out to take their picture, many more lined up along the fence as if to say, “Me too, Me too!”  It made us laugh after so many days of crying.