Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge (Cee’s Photography)

This is the entrance to the tunnel at Devil’s Slide on the Pacifica side.  My husband and I hadn’t driven through here since the road closed and they built the tunnel through the img_1976mountain.  We were spending the weekend in Half Moon Bay for my 40th birthday a couple of years ago and went in search of a place to walk after breakfast.  I found the nearby Devil’s Slide Trail on my phone and we drove over to check it out.  The trail here is paved, very clean, and offers some spectacular views of the ocean (with possible whale sightings) and birds (many migrate to the area).  Thereimg_1962 are quite a few information signs along the way naming the local birds and plants as well as explaining the history of the area.  The trail is where Highway 1 used to go before the new tunnels through the mountain were built.  We were there so early in the morning that we had the trail mostly to ourselves.  We walked, enjoying the crisp sea breeze, and listening to the ocean.  I stopped and sat at one of the benches about halfway up while my husband continued to walk.  I thought about turning 40.  When I had turned 30, I had been fragile and depressed for months before and after my birthday and I thought it would be like that turning 40, but it wasn’t.  I was actually happy to turn 40.  I think it had to do with feeling a little more comfortable with who I am.  Right there on the bench, I made the decision to better take care of me and to start actually doing the things I dream of doing.  I am finally writing everyday and I have started exercising and eating better.  I also found a job that makes me happier and gives me more time to work on the things that are important to me.  Now I need to work on actually taking vacations and traveling more.  I guess my first step should be getting a new passport.  I am putting it on my to-do list now.  I am also thinking that I need to go back to that bench and think more things through.  Who knows what else I could work out while sitting there.  Maybe it could be my thinking spot.  Have a great weekend everyone!