Photo Fiction #54 – (Random_Michelle)

Write a fictional piece of no more than 300 words based on this picture. You pick your poison, poetry or story. Please don’t forget to, mention this post in yours, and link back here i.e. include a link to this post in your post on your blog, so we can check out your work. Happy writing guys, have fun, I look forward to reading what you all come up with.

Aris, the little witch, sat quietly in the dark staring at the glowing talisman.  She had been searching for 300 years to find it.  Finally she would be able to complete the Renascitur spell to bring back her sister Mistia.  As the Green Wizard had come to power, he had killed every powerful witch he encountered because a prophecy he’d read said that a witch would be his downfall.  With each death, he became more powerful until he was virtually unstoppable.  Since the day her sister died, Aris had searched many years for a way to stop the Green Wizard and avenge her sister’s death.  While traveling through Rome, Aris had discovered an ancient library buried deep beneath the Coliseum.  She wandered around going through the old texts and scrolls for 70 years before she found a prophecy of two witches that would defeat the Green Wizard.  One of the witches in the prophecy was said to be “reborn”.  That gave Aris the idea that she had to bring back her sister.  As the full moon shone high in the sky, she pried the potion from the talisman and threw it to the ground and read the spell out loud.  Her sister appeared immediately smiling and happy to see her sister.  After a long hug, Aris filled her in on the prophecy and they set out to defeat the wizard.