On the weekends that aren’t chalk full of errands to run or events to attend, my husband and I either go see a movie if there is something good out in the theaters or we find a new place to walk.  On this particular occasion, we wanted to go to San Francisco to get some good pork buns and cocktail buns (there aren’t any good Chinese bakeries by our place), so I looked online to see if there were any trails we could walk in or near the city.  I had lived in San Francisco for Middle school and High School and though I had explored many places around the city, hiking/walking trails had never really been the thing to do for me back then.  So as an adult, I have found quite a few things/places I missed as a kid.

I searched trails online and decided on Land’s End.  I knew the area well because I had gone to High School only a few blocks away and had often found myself at Ocean beach or at what was once the Sutro Baths (click on Land’s End link above to see more) to just sit and listen to the ocean when life got crazy, but I had never really explored the area.  When we arrived, we found that parking wasn’t going to be easy as it is also a big tourist spot, but we were patient little parking lot sharks and eventually scored a space.  We got out and stretched together and then agreed to meet at the end.  My husband is in better shape than me and takes much bigger strides than I do, so we generally set meeting points, put on our headphones, and set out.  I was immediately distracted by the beauty of the place.  I had to keep reminding myself to keep up the pace, but there were so many things to see.  The trail eventually got pretty tough for me – lots of uphill and stairs (thank goodness for the little places to sit on the stairs they had at certain intervals).  I really wanted to get to the end to take photos of the Golden Gate Bridge, but I finally had to admit defeat and text my husband to meet me back at the car.  As I walked back down the stairs, I found this guy with his feet dangling over the edge seemingly waving “Hello”.  It made me smile when I was feeling like I was going to die and I will forever appreciate whoever drew it.  It lifted my spirits and got me focused again.  I made it back to the car in one piece thank goodness, but I am determined to get back there and finish that trail one day.  If you are ever in San Francisco, check it out.  It’s truly a beautiful spot with picturesque views that you’ll never forget.