One Word Photo Challenge: Contrast (Jennifer Nichole Wells)

I went for an early morning walk a few months ago and spotted the sunlight hitting this flower just right making it almost glow.  I stop and take pictures all the time on my walks.  I think a lot of people wonder what I am taking pictures of sometimes (I’ve seen people wander over to what I was pointing my camera at and look closer like they will get it if they stood where I was standing), but I can’t help it when I see things that are beautiful, intriguing, funny or curious.  I concentrate on what I might see or might miss if I don’t keep up the pace and it makes me forget that I’m tired.  Yes, I need to trick myself sometimes.  I’m always amazed that I take the same route almost all the time, but I always manage to see something new.

I can’t wait for the weather to change and I can get back to my evening walks.  Currently, it’s just too hot to go out until well after the sun goes down which is pretty late.  Summer is so annoying.  I am definitely ready for Fall and cooler weather.  The good thing about having to walk first thing in the morning is that my brain is too tired to try and talk myself out of it.  It’s been a struggle to figure out how to juggle my schedule.  I wish I had someone to come in and go, “Hey, if you do it like this, it will all work out.”  Wishful thinking I know though I think I am getting close to figuring it all out.  It seems like something keeps unexpectedly popping up lately, like this past week.  I ended up with the stomach flu for almost 3 days.  Yesterday was the first day of eating real food again.  Well cheers to a new week full of challenges I hope I can accomplish.