Sunday Trees – 252 (Becca Givens – On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea)

Last year, I took back some duplicate Christmas gifts and got myself a Fitbit.  I had made myself the promise to start walking as one of my resolutions.  I needed to start taking care of me.  Keeping track of my steps got me going.  I went from walking 15 minutes a couple times a week to 1 hour everyday.  I was loving it.  It felt good to get out there.  I usually went after dinner walking in a neighborhood where it seemed going for an evening stroll was the thing to do.  I felt comfortable and often passed regulars with a wave or a nod.  I listened to audiobooks or sometimes music if I had had a tough day and really needed motivation.  My constant friend out there though was the moon.  I felt like the moon watched over me as I walked.  As the leaves fell from the trees, it got easier to see the moon.  Along my walking path, there is a part that goes by a little creek where a symphony of frogs would always invade whatever I was listening to.  I looked up one night as I took my headphones out to listen to the frogs and saw the moon through the trees.  It was beautiful.  It also reminded me of something you would see in a scary movie.  One of those shots that would show up in the build up of suspense before they finally reveal a werewolf or vampire.  Scary movies have always been a favorite.  My Dad always took us to the midnight movies on Friday nights.  It could be a something fresh out on opening night or a B-movie getting a replay. Those are memories I will cherish forever.

I took a lot of pictures while walking.  Looking back at them now is helping me get back into my groove.  I remember how good it felt to be walking.  I remember the high I got afterwards.  It’s been hard getting back out there, but looking back helps.  It’s that little push I’ve needed to get back out there.  Plus it’s good to see my old friend the moon again.  I hope you guys are finding your inspiration to get out and do whatever is on top of your list.  Have a wonderful Sunday!