Sunday Trees 251 (On Butterfly Wings with Buttercup Tea – Becca Givens)

This week I present you with trees at sunset.  I had spent Friday afternoon getting a first look at this year’s Halloween costumes with my little charges.  I am a Nanny to 7 and 10 girls and they were undecided about what they want to be this year, so I thought we could go and get some ideas.  After searching through every aisle of the Spirit Halloween Store trying on masks, glasses, hats, and whatnot, we finally came to the decision that the 10 year old wants to be the Queen of Hearts and the 7 year old wants to be a Fairy though we didn’t like what they had available there.  I guess I need to find another Halloween store to take them to.  I was exhausted after a big workout in the morning and then running around with them all afternoon.  As I walked to my car, all I could think about was getting home and doing the few chores I had left before going to bed, but then I saw the sunlight coming through the trees and had to stop.  It was so beautiful.   I love being able to capture pictures like these when all thoughts leave my mind and I am in the moment just appreciating the beauty around me.