Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge (Cee’s Photography)

I have been trying to get back into my walking routine over the last few weeks.  It’s been hard since I tire so easily, but I am trying to get out there at least every other day with trips to the gym on the other days.  I want to regain my strength and stamina and of course lose some weight.  Luckily, I have this nice little shady neighborhood next to mine with a good 2-mile loop.   Every time I reach the long sidewalk (pictured above) that leads off through the trees, I get a little discouraged because it seems to go on forever, but when I come out on the other side, I feel accomplished and it gives me that little extra push to walk the few blocks I have left to get to my house.  Yesterday was the first time I did the full loop in quite awhile.  I was completely exhausted afterwards, but it felt good to know that I could get all the way around again.  Hopefully I can keep it up and eventually add in the last bit that will make it a 3 mile loop.  I want to get back to participating in the 5K walks in my area.  I love supporting good causes while spending time with family and friends.  I hope to do the Light the Night Walk this October to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  My husband’s nephew died 4 years ago from Leukemia and now his other nephew (same family) is going through chemo treatments.  Wish me Luck!  I have a month and a half to get myself ready.