One Word Photo Challenge: Computer

Computers have certainly come a long way since my family first got one way back in the early 80’s.  Actually it was my Dad’s computer.  He was the only one who knew how to use it.  He was a programmer at Bank of America until his heart attack put him on disability.  I remember being amazed that he could talk to and play chess with people all over the country.  He had trouble sleeping at night because of his experiences in Vietnam and so he would stay up with other night owls around the country.  This was before AOL and the WWW that we know today.  It was just green text on a screen.  I would often get up at night to ask him about who he was talking to and eventually he started teaching me to use the computer.  Teaching me games like Zork or Mist.  Showing me how to type and then eventually encouraging me to type out the stories I often wrote out on paper.  He even got me a program that let me create digital pictures to go with my stories like a picture book.  I wish he could’ve been around to see how quickly the world changed as computers got more and more powerful and shrank in size.  His nights definitely would’ve been way more interesting now with all the different websites, apps, games, etc.  What does the future of the computer have in store for us I wonder?  And will it be good or bad?  The computer has changed the way we all work and learn, but has also become an enabler for all our vices by bringing us so many more options to indulge in things like gambling and pornography in the privacy of our own homes making it easier to keep our vices hidden.  There are even websites/apps to deliver alcohol, coffee, and cigarettes making it easier and easier to lean on them and harder to let them go.  I have hopes  and fears for the future of the computer that only time will tell.