Inspiration Call: Life is about relationships. As with everything in life, all relationships end for various reasons. Think about a relationship that you valued that has ended—a friend, a lover, a family member. Write a poem that encapsulates your sense of loss and appreciation and how this particular person impacted your life. The power of poetry transcends everything that ends.

The day I was born,

You were there,

You held me up,

For the world to share,

I had brothers and a sister too,

I joined the family,

And went home with you.

We had food, clothes and a house,

You partied too much,

Mom found a new spouse.

Things changed that day,

We lived in our car,

And slept by the bay.

You had a heart attack,

And Grandma took us in.

Mom came back,

And custody she did win.

Fours years away,

Thousands of miles from you,

Worrying each day,

And wondering what to do.

Living in a new place,

Trying to adjust and make new friends,

Moving from space to space,

And waiting for this time to end.

Finally old enough to decide,

I chose you,

And flew back to your side.

Little sister, Step mother, and a new school,

But it was all worth it,

Everything was cool.

Long road trips,

Singing in the Car,

 Chips and dips,

Driving real far.

Family game nights,

Good times could be found,

Watching star lights,

Smiles all around.

Patient talks,

Encouraging me to write,

Pacman rocks,

Space Invaders we would fight.

Midnight movies,

Staying up late,

Feeling groovy,

But time wouldn’t wait.

Everything would soon end,

My heart would be broken,

And never mend.

I miss you Daddy.