Photo-Fiction #51 – (Random Michelle) Write a story or poem based on the the picture in 300 words.

George sat going through the file of the person he was to question next.  They only had a few hours before they had to get back to work.  This was an off the books operation.  His partner of twenty years was helping him.  They had finally brought in the two guys they had each taken turns following for weeks in connection to the disappearance of his daughter Julie.   She had been missing for a year.  Three months ago,  George had been going through her room again.  He pulled all the books off of her shelves, sat on her bed and went through them looking for clues of any kind.  Julie had been an avid reader.  She tagged her favorite quotes, made notes in the margins, and posted reviews on her vlog.  He read her notes, visited each spot that was marked, and then flipped through and shook each book.  He found himself learning a lot about his daughter that he hadn’t known.  She really thought about the books she read and the underlying lessons  in each story.  She always tried to talk him about the books she read, but he only half listened.  He regretted that now.  He’d been beaten himself up about how little he had paid attention to her because maybe he could’ve protected her if he’d known what was going on in her life.  Eventually, he’d found a handwritten note that said, “Victor, White Door Publishing @ The Crazy Bean 4pm 8/16”  That was the day she’d gone missing.  The two guys they had brought in worked for Victor.  They suspected Victor was some sort of internet pimp, selling girls online, but they didn’t have anything concrete yet.  George heard footsteps approaching the door.  He put his game face on and hoped he could get another lead.