Weekly Weather Challenge: Fog (Jennifer Nichole Wells – Miniature Diorama Photographer)

I few weeks ago, I took a trip into San Francisco to take #bookstagram pictures for my IG account.  I have always loved the Golden Gate Bridge, but I thought I would try a different vantage point this time.  My sister had recently taken a great picture of the bridge from Crissy Field and I hoped to capture something similar.  As I headed in that direction, the bridge was in full view, the fog was just rolling in, but by the time I got out there and parked, etc., the bridge had completely disappeared behind it.  I sat around with the hundreds of tourists waiting for an opening.  It was peaceful listening to the waves crashing on the rocks below, the sound of the foghorns in the distance, the seagulls flying up above, and even the sounds of all the different languages spoken around me as they watched and waited.  Many of them silently stood in their poses, selfie sticks held high, ready to snap the perfect picture.  It was like we had all been frozen in place by some unseen force.  Eventually the bridge peaked out and the clicking sound of pictures being taken prevailed and motion resumed.