I have always loved the moon.  I have spent many, many, many nights just sitting outside staring at it.  The moon has been a silent friend watching over me as I have cried, celebrated, laughed, yelled, broke down, or just sat in wonder.  My favorite time of day is when the sky grows dark and the moon begins to glow.  I feel more awake at night.  If vampires or werewolves were real, I’m pretty sure I would be one of them.  A long time ago before I was a preschool teacher, I worked the over night shift at an adolescent treatment facility.  I thought I would have trouble adjusting to sleeping during the day and being awake all night, but it was easy.  I kind of miss it.

Yesterday, I read a blog post by Charlie O’Shields titled “My Favorite Person” where he talks about being inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, a man that worked on and pursued his passion daily.  I have read Charlie’s blog for a few weeks now.  I forget how I stumbled upon it, but I really enjoy his writing as well as his daily paintings.  His posts often make me smile or laugh.  I have been trying to get in touch with my creative side again and Charlie’s blog has pushed me to want to go further.

I started writing this year, something I have kept telling myself I would do since I was a teenager, but only found the courage to do now.  It felt really good letting the stories out that I thought I needed to do more.  I haven’t been creative in years.  Life has been overwhelming and crazy as well as fun and busy.  These past few years, I have felt seriously drained by my job so much so that I finally quit in June.  I found another job which starts next week.  One that gives me time to keep writing and now as I said, I am thinking I need to do much more.  Today, I got out my pencils and chalks and started sketching my old friend the moon.  The moon is not an easy subject, but I thought it was the perfect thing to draw on this day of inspiration.  The drawing I did was simple though not exactly what I saw in my head, but it’s a start.  I really need to learn not to be so self critical and just be happy with what comes out.  Just keep practicing.  So, I am making a promise to myself to do something creative everyday whether it be writing, drawing, painting, photography, paper arts, or whatever else comes to mind. Thank you Charlie for the creative inspiration!